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Stories and Reflections – a study guide for the film Finding Saint Francis.




This study guide usually accompanies the DVD of Finding Saint Francis in printed form. It is is available here as a free pdf download.

The guide has been devised for individuals searching for meaning and direction in their lives. It’s also useful for groups who are interested in exploring spirituality and Franciscanism. It has taken, as its basis, the themes of Searching, Finding, Living and Ending. Similar to Shakespeare’s ‘Seven Ages of Man’, and similar to the path we all travel through life.

Beautifully illustrated, with watercolour sketches and stills from the film, the booklet takes the reader through the story of the live of Francis of Assisi. Using passages taken from the bible and teaching from other traditions, including Buddhism and the North American Indian tradition, the booklet gives a greater insight into the life of Saint Francis.

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