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Paintings from Finding Saint Francis – Spoleto by Angela Thomas


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‘Spoleto’ is one of the original paintings used in the film Finding Saint Francis . In these paintings Angela Thomas was commissioned to give the audiences a glimpse into the places most closely associated with the Franciscan story. In these watercolours she brilliantly brings to life the feeling of the Italian landscape.

Spoleto – by Angela Thomas

Francis rode here on his horse with an expensive bale of cloth that he had taken from his father’s shop and sold in the town square before selling his horse as well and returning to Assisi on foot to give the money to the old priest who looked after the little ruined chapel of San Damiano. It is the start of a crucial episode in Francis’s life leading to his eventually leaving his home for ever in order to live the life of an itinerant beggar.

We are selling high quality cards and prints, both signed and unsigned by the artist, of all the original paintings. In addition, you can still buy a number of the original watercolors, which are mounted and framed with beautiful light oak.

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Card – £3.50, Original – £350, Postcard – £1, Print (signed) – £50, Print (unsigned) – £40


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