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Paintings from Finding Saint Francis – The Cathedral, Assisi by Angela Thomas


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‘The Cathedral, Assisi’ is one of the original paintings used in the film Finding Saint Francis . In these paintings Angela Thomas was commissioned to give the audiences a glimpse into the places most closely associated with the Franciscan story. In these watercolours she brilliantly brings to life the feeling of the Italian landscape.

The Cathedral, Assisi – by Angela Thomas

When Francis had had his Rule of Life ratified by the Pope it was accepted that he had started a new religious order and he was invited by the cathedral in Assisi to preach a series of four sermons. His first sermon was so successful that the second week the cathedral was packed to overflowing. Francis had found it impossible to write his sermons so he spent the whole night in prayer and then spoke the first words that came into his mouth. On the second Sunday when he got up to preach he found that he had nothing to say so he just stood there opening and closing his mouth. Eventually he said ‘Amen’ and walked out of the cathedral. When he was asked by one of the brothers why he had said nothing he replied, ‘Well, you see, the Holy Spirit didn’t give me anything to say.’ This sort of holy foolishness epitomises many stories that are told about ‘The Holy Fool’ or as he liked to call the brothers ‘Les jongleurs de Dieu’ The interior of this cathedral houses Francis’s tomb along with exquisite frescoes of Francis.

We are selling high quality cards and prints, both signed and unsigned by the artist, of all the original paintings. In addition, you can still buy a number of the original watercolors, which are mounted and framed with beautiful light oak.

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Card – £3.50, Original – £350, Postcard – £1, Print (signed) – £50, Print (unsigned) – £40


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