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Francis of Assisi

a one man show by Paul Alexander
“I found myself wishing I had brought friends.”
– Vancouver News, British Columbia, Canada

Strikingly simple, true to the spirit of Saint Francis himself and inspiration for the film Finding Saint Francis, this one man show, performed by Paul Alexander and touring this year, needs no props, no scenery, special lighting, amplification or stage setting. The story starts by introducing us to the medieval world of Assisi, but before we know it we are caught up in the life of an extraordinary individual. It is powerful, deeply moving and is suitable for all age groups and any type of audience, religious or otherwise.

“I found myself wishing I had brought friends.”

Francis of Assisi at a glance

Performance time 1½ hours (interval as required).

Staging – a simple chair.

No special amplification or lighting required.

Publicity material such as: press releases photographs and leaflets, can all be supplied when your booking has been confirmed.

Optional inclusion in our website tour list to attract audience members online.

Can be performed in almost any venue, inside or outside.

A sliding fee scale allowing smaller performances to be profitable.

“Another stunning evening. It really was an enthralling time.”

What people have said about Paul

“Unforgettable” Ruth Bell Graham, wife of evangelist Billy Graham

“Electrifying – Paul is an event all by himself.” John Newitt, 1st Baptist Church, Asheville, NC, USA

“Another stunning evening – a memorable performance. It really was an enthralling time.” Headmaster, Aldro School, Godalming, UK

“An outstanding weekend – so much varied expertise – we have experienced something quite extraordinary.” Revd Mark Madeley

“It is a great thing that you do and the more people who experience it the better.” John Witheridge, Charterhouse, Independent school, Godalming, UK

“I found myself wishing I had brought friends.” Vancouver News, British Columbia, Canada

“Electrifying – Paul is an event all by himself.”

About Paul

Paul Alexander trained at Dartington Hall College of Arts and The Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama. Theatre work has included the Royal Shakespeare Company, Birmingham Rep, Oxford Playhouse, the Cambridge Theatre Company, Greenwich Theatre, the Young Vic and the Welsh National Theatre, where he has played comedy tragedy and classical roles in equal measure. Paul has appeared in over sixty television dramas and has directed for several companies including the King’s Head Theatre in Islington. He has toured extensively for the last 20 years with his one man shows most notably JOHN’S GOSPEL which has been performed worldwide. He has had two books published and lives with his wife near Hampton Court in Middlesex.

“It is a great thing that you do and the more people who experience it the better.”

Fair Pricing

To accommodate small churches and venues in the spirit of Saint Francis we offer a sliding scale fee for the performance based on your final audience size. This allows even relatively small performances to be profitable for venues. Travel and accommodation expenses are in addition to the fees below, however, the show only involves Paul who, if accommodation is needed, is more than willing to lodge with someone associated with your venue. A breakdown of possible audience sizes, the total take assuming a charge of £10 per person, our fee and your profit is shown on the table below.

Fair pricing fee table

No in AudienceTotal take at £10/personOur feeYour Profit
40 and less40038020

If you would like any further information, have any queries or have specific dates that you are interested in booking a performance on please phone us on 020 8255 0322 or use our contact form by clicking here.

Thank you

Paul, John, Denise and Brian.

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