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Paul’s Blog

Welcome to Paul’s Blog. Paul Alexander is the writer and director of our films and his blog gives an insight into the ups and downs of creating our first film Finding Saint Francis.

Paul Alexander (right) with Peter Stickney who plays the young Francis in Finding St Francis

The script.

To state that the next four months were hectic would be an understatement. To say that it was a blur of activity would be misleading. When the chips are down, as they say, it is amazing how focused the mind can become. It felt like one gigantic balancing act as though... read more

The race is on.

So, the task was to tell the story of Francis in a modern setting, using a community that was living out Franciscan principles and tying this in with an every person figure, finding that their life is no longer giving them joy or fulfilment, experiencing a different... read more

The mire or the mountain top.

The previous blog finished off comparing the influence ‘Das Capital’ had on the twentieth century with the influence St Francis’s radical approach could have in the twenty first century. This is not such a outlandish statement to make when Francis’s role model, Jesus... read more

The clock is ticking.

I felt strangely calm. It was like coming home. I had spent years developing an idea that had grown bigger and more ambitious as time went by. I had become engrossed in environmental and sustainable issues that I felt, and still feel, need our urgent attention. I had... read more

The film within the film.

The original film had a scene in which the main character, Peter Stone, while watching a one man show on the life of St. Francis, finds himself comparing what he is hearing with what has been happening in his life. We had decided to film the whole on man show as a one... read more

The Bombshell.

The bombshell came in the form of a telephone call from one of the producers at 9.00 pm on the evening before we were due to meet the following day. He had received an email that in essence said that the project was thought to be too risky to finance for a variety of... read more

A Roller Coaster Ride.

Alongside the progress of the film script the steering group, which had become a tight knit group of producers, were busy pursuing sources of income. Because the film centred itself round a Franciscan Friary, involved a fictitious Franciscan friar as one of the main... read more

Sources of inspiration.

The purpose of the film had grown out of our common interest in the ‘enoughness’ of things: Schumacher’s idea of a simple, sustainable and attractive way of life working in tandem with sustainable development. But it wasn’t Schumacher that bound us together, it was... read more

Small is Beautiful.

The process of writing a film script is, for me, akin to trying to do a cryptic cross word puzzle – enticing, elusive, frustrating, fascinating all at the same time. You cannot rest until it is done and you cannot force the creative mind it can only be coerced.... read more

The times they are a’changing.

The signs are clear around us that the times they are a’changing and at root I think the unsettlement and unease we are feeling around us can be traced back to our misuse of the environment. Now I seem to have been following one of my red herrings but there is a point... read more

Chasing red herrings.

‘History teaches us that if we don’t learn by our mistakes we are doomed to repeat them.’ Over the past few years I have become increasingly interested in the environment and sustainability. This has come about due to becoming responsible for looking after protected... read more


Upminster was a re-union but our first meeting was over lunch at John and Maria’s house. I remember working out how to get to them on British Rail and I think it was a Sunday because I seem to remember there weren’t that many people around. I remember sitting on a... read more

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