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News and reviews for our movie Finding Saint Francis.

This film will help you find Francis, and where you find Francis you find the Gospel.

Stephen Cottrell

Bishop of Chelmsford

Articles about the making of Finding Saint Francis

Lights, camera, action, Francis – This summer, Hilfield Friary, Dorset, has been turned in to a set for the shooting of a film on the life of its patron saint. read more

Church Times

(22nd August 2014)

For more than two decades, director Paul Alexander dreamed about making a film about finding Saint Francis, and now that dream has become a reality. He shares his journey with ArtServe readers. read more


(Issue 11)

Reviews of Finding Saint Francis

Finding Saint Francis could have no greater compliment than being compared to that remarkable Canadian film [Jesus of Montreal]. read more

The Church Times

(1st January 2016)

… left me reviewing the reality and strength of my own commitment to the life of faith. read more

Little Portions Magazine

(March 2016)

If Francis or the Franciscan way interests you, you should certainly watch [Finding Saint Francis]. read more


(Issue 12)

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