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About us

Little Portion Films formed in 2014. Six of us got together to produce a feature film set at a Franciscan Friary. We are all third order Franciscans and follow the example and teachings of Saint Francis in our normal everyday lives. Francis of Assisi led a simple life, and showed extreme reverence and respect to the natural world becoming known as the patron saint of the environment.

from left to right: Maria Fox, John Fox, Paul Alexander, Denise Mumford, John Wiltshire, Denise Easteal

In our first film, ‘Finding Saint Francis’ a young financier suffering from stress and disenchanted with living the high life turns up at a Franciscan friary for a rest. However, he is subsequently drawn into the making of a film about the life of Saint Francis of Assisi. Finding Saint Francis was more than a simple modern retelling of the life of the saint, but aimed to show the relevance of the Saint’s life to modern culture and challenges.

We believe that although Francis lived nearly eight centuries ago his example still has much to offer us in modern times. Like the famous economist E. F. Schumacher, that believed that ‘Small is Beautiful’ we believe in simple living and that care and respect for our environment, for all creatures and peoples, are prerequisites for peace and harmony in an increasingly crowded world. We hold this belief along with many governments, a growing multitude of people and a host of eminent scientists who all think that the earth is nearing a ‘tipping point’. Pollution and depletion of resources cannot continue without dire and irrevocable consequences. Some of these consequences are already with us, such as forced mass migration, loss of species and growing religious intolerance.

At Little Portion Films we believe that the qualities that St Francis teaches us, such as care for our natural world and tolerance for other people are qualities that transcend religion. With this in mind we aim, through the medium of cinema and story-telling to reach a worldwide audience and, inspired by Francis, to contribute to the possibility of a brighter, simpler, more enjoyable future for all.

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