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So, the task was to tell the story of Francis in a modern setting, using a community that was living out Franciscan principles and tying this in with an every person figure, finding that their life is no longer giving them joy or fulfilment, experiencing a different way of life that starts to give them a new sense of ‘general well-being’. This was the genesis of the idea for the new script presented to the producers at the meeting on the 5th March 2014 in central London. My memory of the meeting was that it was the turning point for all of us. We had survived what had felt like a torpedo coming straight for us by changing course just in time to avert disaster, allowing us to expand a theme dear to all of us. If this was successful it would allow us to pursue our original project. The date was set. We had four months to write the script, secure the funding and prepare everything for the shoot. We had always said that unless we had the money in the bank to cover our filming budget we would not do the film. However, due to the phenomenal generosity of a small group of people who agreed to underwrite the shortfall in the budget, should the remainder of the money not be forth coming from, donations, loans and trusts, we were secure to go ahead. The task that now confronted us was to get the script written, secure the location and film crew, start looking for actors and raise the rest of the money to free up our underwriters. When something is right things seem to fall into place and doors seem to open. The number of times this has happened has left me speechless with wonder. We secured the rest of the money not only to insure that the filming could go ahead but with enough to spare to complete post production and some marketing. Things started to fall into place like a jig saw puzzle.. It involved hard work on the part of the producers but now people were prepared to donate and provide loans and give us money from trusts and funds. At last we were on our way.

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