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The original film had a scene in which the main character, Peter Stone, while watching a one man show on the life of St. Francis, finds himself comparing what he is hearing with what has been happening in his life. We had decided to film the whole on man show as a one and a half hour performance which we could add to the DVD as a complimentary extra, along with the usual ‘how the film was made’ and accompanying documentary. Taking snippets from the one man show we would then edit them into the sequences where Peter day dreams about events in his life. The suggestion, that had been made in the email, that had torpedoed our initial idea for the film, was basically that we were missing put on a golden opportunity. The ‘film within the film’, instead of being a mere recording of a one man show could become a film in its own right. From the moment the idea had been suggested at the back of my mind was that it could be an ‘art house movie’. But I am o’er leaping myself because at this stage I could see the possibilities for this film but I couldn’t place it into any recognisable category; that would come much later. What I knew had to be done very fast was to sketch an outline for the film that the producers could understand and be enthusiastic about. It was 11 o’clock at night and I had to leave for the crunch meeting at 11 o’clock the following morning. I had twelve hours to get a treatment onto paper, email it ahead of the meeting to the producers, and then turn up and talk as though the project was in the bag. The clock was ticking.

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