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Alongside the progress of the film script the steering group, which had become a tight knit group of producers, were busy pursuing sources of income. Because the film centred itself round a Franciscan Friary, involved a fictitious Franciscan friar as one of the main characters and embodied Franciscan principles we naturally started to look for Franciscan funding. Now this is a joke because the main tenet behind Franciscanism is poverty. We also looked at the possibility of finding funding through ‘Kickstarter’, which helps the process of funding, among other things, films, but having gone through the process of preparing a Kickstarter profile it was felt that we should concentrate, first of all, on our own contacts and keep Kickstarter as a back up. Decisions were made as to whether we should pitch for loans and, or, donations. All the usual practices for raising funds were employed. We wrote treatments, pitches, video clips, budgets, time lines, emails, grant applications. We applied to funding bodies and charities and potentially interested parties. Slowly interest grew and individuals, funding bodies and charities started to pitch in. It became a roller coaster of a ride toiling uphill to get support and then careering down the other side when problems arose. Then suddenly it seemed as though we had got there. The script was ready, locations had been established, a cast had been assembled and most importantly it looked as though we had got the funding we needed to cover us up to post production. Things were looking good and then the bombshell dropped the evening before the producers were due to meet to plan the next phase.

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