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The process of writing a film script is, for me, akin to trying to do a cryptic cross word puzzle – enticing, elusive, frustrating, fascinating all at the same time. You cannot rest until it is done and you cannot force the creative mind it can only be coerced. Writing is a continual search for something hidden which only becomes obvious when it is uncovered. It is like an endless skirmish, muddy, obsessive, depressing and exhilarating by turns. Alongside the writing John had set up a steering group of initially four people. The task we set ourselves was to create a film script we all believed in and had I not had this group behind me I would have given up very early on. I can’t remember exactly how this group evolved. First there were four of us meeting in an office in the city and then we had grown to seven. By this time it was evident to me that we had moved from being a steering group to being a group of producers because the script had taken shape and we were starting to look at sources of funding. But I’m running ahead of myself. It amazes me now that there were even four people, let alone seven, who were prepared to invest a lot of time and energy getting this project off the ground. The script was taking shape. It was full of drama, incident and character and it had purpose. We wanted to challenge the imbalance of excess versus need or put another way we wanted to show that less means more; beautifully illustrated in E.F. Schumacher’s iconic book ‘Small is Beautiful.’ Basically, Schumacher championed ‘enoughness’, a simple, sustainable and attractive way of life working in tandem with sustainable development. He wanted the ‘philosophy of materialism’ to take second place to justice, harmony, beauty and health. This is what we were dramatising in the form of a feature film in the belief that film is the modern medium that can carry one’s message across the world.

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