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The signs are clear around us that the times they are a’changing and at root I think the unsettlement and unease we are feeling around us can be traced back to our misuse of the environment. Now I seem to have been following one of my red herrings but there is a point to this because the misuse of the environment is strongly linked to sustainability. In the West large swathes of society are living on excess whilst other sections of the community are living on the brink of poverty and some are living in real poverty and in other parts of the world millions are living in appalling conditions of poverty. Ultimately this is unsustainable and gives rise to huge discontent. I believe we, like the people of Pompeii or San Francisco, are living next door to a rumbling volcano or on the San Andreas Fault line. We are living with a ticking bomb but it is possible to diffuse this bomb and I think it has to be done through bringing the subject of what is sustainable to the forefront of public discussion. This brings me back to why I diverted my attention of writing about St Francis to producing a film script about the environment and sustainability. It was an easy step because Francis is the patron saint of the environment and Francis is a supreme example of someone who lived a very simple, hugely joy fulfilled, sustainable existence that can still be experienced if you visit a Franciscan friary today. So I got carried away and wrote a full length feature film based on a person who has everything in material terms except freedom who discovers through a series of disasters and a series of meetings that there are alternative modes of life that are more rewarding.

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