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Upminster was a re-union but our first meeting was over lunch at John and Maria’s house. I remember working out how to get to them on British Rail and I think it was a Sunday because I seem to remember there weren’t that many people around. I remember sitting on a wall thinking how nice it was to have nothing to do but take in the surroundings whilst waiting to be met. I can’t remember anything about our conversation but in the way these things go we would have almost certainly talked about the past and the people we knew before I embarked on recounting a history along the lines I have recounted in this blog. I remember lunch was lamb, or was it beef, and sitting in their sitting room after lunch with a cup of coffee. And this must have been where we started to discuss a plan of how to raise money for the film. I don’t remember this conversation but it must have involved talking about a steering group and who we should invite to be on it. I would have been pretty clueless on this front as I didn’t know anyone but John knew lots of people who might be interested. It must also have involved my saying that I would work on the script and get a copy to John as soon as possible. And here again my memory fails me. If only I had kept a diary, but I didn’t and so the whole of this section has a certain sense of surmise attached to it. What I do know is that when I started work I repeated the mistake I had made when I first had the idea of producing a film about Francis of Assisi. I started by writing a simple transposition of the stage show but it quickly started to transmutate into something quite different.

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